you are not alone. theres bugs


    this site was created only to learn HTML/css, but can be considered as my little space on the internet.
feel free to navigate trought it!

      please don't copy my code/layout! if you are looking for resources to create your own website, the "links" page contains several links and media that can help you <3

english is not my mother tongue so if you see any mistake pls comment!!

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[25/03/24] added "my art" page and webring!!

[18/03/24] added "etc" page on "about me" and edited some things

[27/02/24] added about me page :D and edited status

[14/02/24] added status and edited some things

[08/02/24] added my button!

[07/02/24] added mini about me and cool sites!

[04/02/24] added piclog, chat, edited some things

[28/01/24] added update log!! and some details too